Paper Submission


●First, take the procedure of participation registration from here, and get participation ID. This is necessary for the paper submission.
Participation registration number is shown in the e-mail like this.
●Deadline of paper submission for oral presentation is: Thursday noon, July 12th, 2018. and Deadline of paper submission for Interactive Presentation is: Wednesday noon, July 12th, 2018.
●In the international sessions of annual conference of RSJ, member/non-member of RSJ can make presentations. Yet, you must be a member of RSJ or equivalent society if you plan to attend the normal sessions of the annual conference. Equivalent societies are: SICE, ISCIE, JSAE, IPSJ, JSAI, JSPE, IEEJ, IEICE, JSKE, JSME, JSST, J-SOFT, JFPS, Human Interface, and JARA (as of April 2018). Note that you have to register for participation with payment depending on the member status.
If you enroll as a member, you need at least one week before you receive member number.
●Confirm whether a JavaScript becomes available by the setting of the browser.

Thanks in advance.

Initial Submission

Oral Presentation

Deadline is Thursday, July 12, 12: 00

Interactive Presentation

Deadline is Thursday, August 2, 12: 00


If you want to check or edit your submission, follow the login procedure.


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