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●The membership qualifications of the Robotics Society of Japan or a supporting organization are NOT required for applying the presentation and the paper submission from 2020.
●Please note that each contributor must apply for the presentation through the conference website, and then upload the manuscript in PDF format.
 Deadline for the entry for presentation: Noon of July 22, 2020 [Finished]
 Deadline for the paper submission: Noon of August 19, 2020 [Extended]
●Please check if JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.
●The presenter needs to complete a registration for attending the conference from the registration page before the paper submission, and then obtain a reservation number stated in the confirmation email. Please register from here.
In addition, please confirm the reservation number as it is issued here.

Entry for presentation

Entry for presentation

Deadline for the entry for presentation: Noon of July 22, 2020 [Finished]

Paper Submission/Edit of the Information

If you would like to do the following, please login from here.
・Paper submission after the entry for presentation
・Edit of the contents of the application information for the presentation: Modification before deadline that noted at the Information
To login, please use application ID / PASS notified when you have completed application.


Deadline for submission of papers/correction of submitted contents is 12:00 noon on Wednesday, August 19th. [Extended]

Submitting for the [Letter]

If you want to submit the [Letter], please visit the ScholarOne.
The deadline for posting to the [letter] is Noon, August 19 [Extended], the same as the deadline for Manuscript of RSJ2020.


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